July 27, 2008

Food Craving

After a good drink at Jamba Juice where I had a gift certificate and a free coupon, we drove to San Jose though one of the tire got some screw on it. I wasn't certain if someone did it intensionally at the apartment complex or it was just accidentally ran over it. It needs a quick repair. We still had it ran going to San Jose for I was craving for burger steak. I dialed 411 to ask for the specific address and talked to a Filipino on the phone. I did ask what's the major cross street and the lady was helpful. So we arrived at Jollibee. The famous Filipino restaurant in the Philippines that eventually came here in the US to branch out. We "pinoy's" patronize our product and proud of it.

I came to the counter ordered 2 pieces of burger steak while I ordered hubby for a 3 piece with a 2 sides that came later on it was 2 pieces. We checked the receipt and it was punched 2 pieces. Oh well sometimes people make mistake and we just let it passed. We stayed there. Observed people around and talk some bits. We were full from the juice we previously just take and the food that gave us a full stomach. It was a short moment to spend outside but it was better. I had my favorite food again plus spending with the love of my life.

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