August 11, 2008

Interesting day head

I spoke with my boss today on the subject about taking more responsibility also with additional money for my salary. I would be happy to take the challenge. I am scared in a way because I don't know if I can do it in flying colors. I hope it will not give me stress. Looking at the employee who just resigned, she doesn't seem stress. It could probably just a boring job for her. I would assume that if there will be no other change when you work for 2 years. As for me I just have my 1 year and I have some new skills I learned. I will take whatever they will going to talk to me tomorrow. I am scared though. I hope I could do the job as they would like me to be and even do more above what is expected. I have to cross my finger tomorrows meeting with the director and my manager.

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hazelicious929 said...

goodluck Roche, I hope its for the better, just pray hard that everything will be fine