August 10, 2008

Learning Css

It has been years that I am fascinated to know how to make a website or know how to read the codes. I have a little bit of background in HTML by studying in a short course program at ACT - Cebu. I studied it but I wasn't sure enough if I could use it. It was a 2 months program learning to know MS office, Html, troubleshooting and java scripts. The program was too short that the coverage only features the very basic. I never got to really go into deep studying. All I just wanted was to know the basic.

When I got here, Friendster, Myspace, Multiply are introducing CSS. It was tough to know it at first glance. There are codes to get familiar into, how to manipulate it to your liking. I tried to change my lay out but still I don't know far and deep on how to really personalize my page or customize it the way I wanted it to be. Up until today, I am on and off learning. I had bought books to learn but didn't get to really use it by heart. I wish someday I can be familiar the codes, alter and make my very own page.

Yesterday, I make my own banner and footer. I used photoshop, not too creative enough but its clean and neat.

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