August 20, 2008

One Sunday Afternoon

I went somewhere in Highway 1 before with hubby. We stopped in the middle of nowhere. We adventure to walk from the road going down the hill over the beach front. It was that afternoon where I took a very good picture of a hill where in the middle there was a whole. It was sunset that time and rays from the sun was very nice. I was happy in that very instance knowing I have a very good picture taken. When I got home, I uploaded it to my photo transfer. I was thinking that just leave it that file temporarily and will get back to it when I got the chance. So one day, I was looking my documents to my photo transfer gadget. No luck was found. I got so upset. It was a very good picture that I lost.

So my husband and I tried to search for that location where we spotted it. We took half moon bay route going right. We didn't find it. Darn! But ended up discovered Montara State Beach. We didn't go down the shore. We were up on the hill capturing the picturesque view of the hill and the ocean. It was a good thing. Maybe one day, we can find that very location where I had lost some pictures of it.

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