August 19, 2008

Work no Play

I wish things could be fast when I am working. But when phone calls are slow time could a hell lot longer. I feel better that I have a new task at my job. Time is getting faster. I am doing paperwork with our recycling department for 3 branches so it's cool. I am happy with that. I love working with excel and numbers. That's my field and I would like to be doing with numbers. My job doesn't give me the career goals I am setting for myself but with the economy is so slow and unemployment rate is increasing I better be happy of my job at this time. I can't guarantee happiness but I can hold myself until I can find better. I hope for luck in the near future.

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Thats good im happy for you you´ve got a job and payday.hahha.hope everything goes well. Enjoy every minute of it.