September 5, 2008


I love to eat fish but in a certain way. I will not eat it if I know how it was cook of which not of my liking. I am not much fan of a stew. I remembered when I was younger, my mom pushed me to eat stew fish over the side of a rice. In the Philippines we eat simple. Not too elaborate dishes like here in the US. Whatever food that is served on the table it is good enough. We don't even consider the amount of calories or the mineral contents of the food as long as we have something to fill up our stomach. It's not about survival but it's just how simple life way back then.

As time goes on, palate change and did certainly crave for better and healthy food intake. I am not like a hundred person person go for healthy food but honestly I eat bad stuff. It's the bad stuff that is so yummy. How can you avoid that when it is so deliciously inviting?

Anyway, I just want to talk about today's day with hubby. He went out with his employee fishing at half moon bay. I had wished to go with him but it's an exclusive company outing so I was out of the picture. He told me that he caught a number of fish. I would say 10 in different sizes. I had cook some of them. Gush! It's so fresh. I avoid eating fish here due to what I get from the food market which is frozen. The freshness of the fish is gone so I no longer eat it. But today, hubby caught with labor and he knows I love fresh seafood. He brought it with him. Below here is the picture I took. I deep fried it with salt, pepper and garlic power. I dip it with soy sauce and lemon over stem rice. I love my dinner tonight. Simple but the fish is so good.


Del said...

Hi sis, visiting here, have a great weekend:)

Wena said...

maskin pakan-on ko nimo everyday maam d jud ko moreklamo=)