September 13, 2008

Free Digital Make Over

We are in the digital world now. Most things are improvised year by year. I would only talk with photos with this post. I love taking pictures. I have a bunch of them that until now I still haven’t printed out. But with the blank cd and dvd, I can just put it all together. At most times when I got the chance, I make my own slideshow and video. The time of creating it makes a whole lot. When I read about Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover, it could be a fantastic way to do it. I hope one day I could get free from their service. I would certainly be able to learn more techniques and make a good quality creation. For the episode that it features on the site, I like Wedding Day Crunch – Meeting the happy couple. I just love wedding day stuff. To those of you who wanted to be feature on the site, it is your chance to win prizes. Join now and just like you I am crossing my fingers to win the contest.


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