September 12, 2008

Seafood Challenge

I once had managed my own cafeteria before with no culinary experience. It put me so much trouble just to depend on my chef. I had replaced 3 times for just a year. But I pulled it off to make it to a year contract. The experience tells me that if I would get into a restaurant business again, I must learn to know how to cook and have my own menus. I had my recollection on that so when I started my life here in the US I was challenged on my cooking abilities. There was a week of discontentment on my prepared food. I was so worried I won’t be able to please my loving husband. With all my patience and dedication, I learned to happen to know techniques and ways of doing it. I watched food tv programs, research over the web some recipes, tested and tried it.

I visit the site for some great recipes. With the current chef’s posted and recipes, I like Andre Bienvenu from Florida with his creation Grilled Florida Seafood. Knowing Florida has lots of fresh great seafood where the state lies near the ocean, food on the grill could taste so good. His recipe is just simple, but the simplicity of that makes the lobster tail, clam and crab boost the richness of flavor. I love seafood so much. I can eat this almost every day. I would like to cook this soon when I buy all my ingredients and surprise my hubby for this. I am sure he will love it.

My mom in the Philippines is a great cook. I will challenge her for a cook off. I guess I am ready for it. But I know how my mom is, people love her food. Even though we don’t have the culinary experiences that most chefs are, we can still do it. It will be a good learning experience for both of us. I wish to visit my mom again. If you are interested to learn more with great recipes and chefs, go to Great American Seafood Cook Off. Don’t forget to cast your vote too. You will have the chance of winning a New Orleans prize package.

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