October 26, 2008

Just arrived from Napa

The last 3 hours ago, I just arrived from our short trip to Napa. Went there to relax and enjoy the scenery. It could be my 5th time I believe. But the thing about NAPA is that there are a lot of places and vineyard to go to.

We booked our stay in our time share in River Pointe. Cozy place and our first time to use the resort. Though hubby has been a member for long, it was our first try to use the very own resort he owned. It was a good time that someone made a cancellation 2 days before so were able to booked it. I liked the place it's like living a small house in a small village.

We can't live without trying restaurants and wine tasting. I will talk about it some other time. Right now I am kind of tired from my trip and did some work on my job too. So will back again tomorrow hopefully. I will add some photos too that I took.


simplyjacy said...

are you a wine lover? i only fancy sweet white wine. do you think i will still enjoy visiting vineyards in Napa?


oh yes certainly you will love the dessert wine, that's what i love. im not a red type. go to castello de amorosa. they have one of the best dessert wine.