November 12, 2008

Kind of busy

The 2 days that passed, work is a bit busy. The phone lines kept on ringing. I was glad that it did. It just made the day ran fast. My recycling paper wasn't that busy since we didn't have much dropped off. Quite slow for E-waste this month. I am hoping that it will gets better in the coming days. The director and I talked a bit today before she left for her meeting at our main office and she said that perhaps I might consider handing some brochure or putting some of it on cars. It could be one way of helping. Well, if the weather is right it will be effective to let people know we do need more stuff. But I am not really pushing myself hard on that. Besides my pay isn't that high and I have more work to do in the office. My time in the office already compensates my current pay. I am just lucky I have my job and that the people I worked with are cool and nice. I hope they will stay the same. I know how good they are except there is just one that I don't admire.

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hazelicious929 said...

wow! busy kaayo ka sa career nimu Roche. ako wala na work, vacation time na nako hehehe sa Summer na pud work ko busy na sad ang life nako hehehe