November 15, 2008

Malaysia Food Experience

I went to Penang Malaysia with 2 of my friends. We took our adventure and involved with some job hunting experience . We stayed in a condo where the main occupant was a Filipino too. She had helped us find a job but unfortunate to my friends I only ended up staying and working for a few months. So my food experience started the night I set foot to the country. My smelling sense that time gave me much of a problem. I throw up outside a food court where our nice escort offered us to ate. The smell of the place caused me to react badly. It probably because I wasn't exposed more with spices. Which in this state of mind and at this point, I know pretty much. That time, the smell of Indian spices negatively put my mind into a bad state.

With much no choice for food, I have to eat what there is to eat. I was introduced to Nasi Goreng one fine evening. It is like fried rice with some meat on it. There are a variety of meat to choose from shrimp, beef and pork. Pork is not much served in Malaysia. It is a muslim country so to respect with the muslim friends that had met along the way when invited for lunch or dinner pork was set aside. I had a hard time grasping the spicy food. My friends just explored their taste bud happily whereas I had difficulty coping finishing my food. It is the tradition that when a person invite you for a food treat, you need to eat what is their in your plate. I had a hard time on that. I always asked and said sorry. Even though I asked for a mild spicy meal, I can still taste the spiciness of the food. So with all my difficult times feeding myself, I've learned to find an alternative means to satisfy my stomach. I get into eating American food. A simple burger, fish fillet with chips, and pizza. If I just got bored, I ate less and go for fruits. I've learned my hard lesson staying there.

Yesterday, my husband took me to Bombay Garden an Indian buffet place. I wasn't much thrilled with the food. The chicken I had was good but with the curry Entree it wasn't just for me. I don't go very well with spicy. It is not because it doesn't have much flavor. It has lots of flavor but the spice just doesn't give the the excitement. Thinking back with my Malaysian experience, I believe that if I go there I think I would be able to taste their food and appreciate what I didn't before.


hazelicious929 said...

I barely eat spicy food too Roche but I like the Thai food but not much... I guess Ihave to experience Malaysia someday to know more of their food


I am not much with spicy too Hazey girl. It's like my mouth will explode eheheh! but it's just my thought. I can't seem to like it. No matter how I keep on trying to eat it. Maybe one day I could appreciate. I guess it needs more trying. Only that my mind won't let me do it.