November 16, 2008

Baby Party

My friends from San Jose organized a baby shower for Myrabel. The party started at 5pm. Joey dropped me past 5 and I saw Lyn at the door with her baby while Joy and Lalai we're still preparing. I saw Lyn holding a very nice camera. So nice of her to have such a good gadget. I know one day I can have mine too. Anyway, Lalai toured me her place. It's a good price for the size of the apartment. I think it could be bigger than the duplex unit we will going to move next week. I just like in our unit because it has it's washer and dryer and garage. A bit pricey too for an old unit but at least we can get out from the apartment we are living now. Anyway, back to the party. It was a good one. I had seen old faces and close friends. I had a good time hearing, talking, exchanging laughters with all of them. It's so good to attend a party where you can get a very good laugh.

There are pictures in the party that I edited. It's lucky I don't have so much packing to do so I have the time to edit some. Here are the outcome:

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