November 23, 2008

Unpacking Time

The move was a success yesterday. The 2 gentlemen from Bekins company really made a good job on getting our things safely transfered to a near location. They worked really hard and they saved us our effort. We were happy to get their services and we will going to hire them again to get the rest of our stuff in a storage unit. So it will be the next project in the near weeks. I took some pictures with the boxes that scattered around in the area spaces in the house. So much things to do in the near days. But it's fun decorating the empty spaces. We'll see how can I make the house neat, tidy and inviting. These are just some of the boxes that scattered but there are really more than what the pictures looks like.


Twerlyn said...

i'm sure kapoy kaau ka sa pag arrange ..asa na mo nag transfer Roche?


naa ra japon mi diri nearby sa among old apartment...2 blocks away ra sya. LOL! murag layo kayo gi move sa. pero bisag dool grabe kakapoy man og hakot then pamutos.