November 17, 2008

Visited the New Place

Hubby already signed a lease agreement today at his lunch time. The owner of the house came to see him and he was able to signed some paper and paid advance pro rata for the this month. It's a bit costly paying two dwelling but it's better to do it now than to wait and will regret later. We are lucky at this point to get it. The search is over. Until next year, we'll see what happens.

A few hours ago, we checked the house. The place is bigger than what we are renting in the apartment. It is a duplex house. Our unit is at the back side. Two bedroom 1 bath. The living room has more space than the apartment, kitchen is far better and bigger, bathroom a little modern, tub is just okay. The big plus, 2 bedroom, washer and dryer, garage and the bonus a little backyard. It's really cool to get that place. Parking on the other hand is a little harder. But we can deal with it. The house right now is ready for us to move. We brought some boxes and some gym equipment today. Tomorrow will be another trip for some small light stuff. I can't wait when we can settle and just relax for the holiday.

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