December 2, 2008

Photoblog 1

Since I got my camera which is the Nikon D80 I haven't really take pictures as much as I want to. As soon as I try shooting scene and objects, my mind got twisted on the function of the camera. I have been using canon point and shoot for the longest time so the feel of a Nikon is very different for me. Today, I was reading online at how to take some shots and some professional reviews about lenses. The lens makes a big difference on the feel of the pictures. I just have a basic lens that was already included in the package I bought. I would want to buy someday another lens for additional length. But right now, I need to get used first on the basic before moving forward to the next level.
I took this shot at home and I am playing with the ISO. Out of many shots I took this is just one example.

The earrings that was given to me by my hubby the night before my first wedding in NJ.

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hazelicious929 said...

that's a nice pair of earrings girl! like the style... I am not really fond of jewelries but I like the earrings and rings the most