December 14, 2008

Running out of time

I will be having a small get together with friends here. I am glad that people that I haven't expected to come will attend. I hope they all do but I can understand when they can't. Sometimes you can't just control what's happening from there and then. It could have been nice to see all those familiar faces which you get accustomed to, if not well I guess there will still be another day or year worth celebrating.

So I am a week before the party. I haven't done any shopping yet. My husband and I are so busy attending to clean our old apartment. There are a lot of things to be done there before the manager can check the place and decide which one needs a priority to take care. I pity Joey for coming home late. He greeted goodbye to me this morning and said he went home like 2am. It's just basically hours. He doesn't got so much sleep and I know he is very exhausted. We are both working so the only time we can go to the old place is after work. This week I wasn't much of a help because I am sick. Until now I still do. It's on and off. I hope next week I can fully recover and welcome my party with a good health.

Today, I am hoping to unpack more here in the new place and will go shopping for supplies. I hope my husband have a good news from the manager at the old place so it will not ruin our entire day today. So, it's time for me to go now. I need to do some arranging here first and will check later if I can. Thanks for reading.

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