December 10, 2008

Another Sick moments

This year I have been so sickly. Early part of the year and I believed it was a trip that I went to Cebu that I got cold, runny nose and fever. The trip was spoiled by my health. Occasionally, at work there were symptoms of frequent headache and stomach problems. It seems I can't avoid not taking time off.

Yesterday afternoon and whole day today, I wasn't able to work. I got hit from sore throat. It's so painful to swallow. I got stuffed nose today too so I forced myself to blow. I took some medicine for my headache yesterday and Bactidol to gargle. It relieved the pain. I was able to sleep. Today the entire afternoon, I was all in bed sleeping, I didn't know the time until I woke up at 5:25pm. Robitussin helped my throat and the body aches is a little bit bearable now. I think I can go to work tomorrow. Just in case, I will bring all the medicine I got. It's good that I got this symptoms earlier before my birthday and Christmas.

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irel said...

i hope u feel better sis. I hate it when I get sick but i hate it more if my kids are sick:(. Tc and enjoy the weekends:)