December 7, 2008


The night was so cold yesterday. I arrived with my husband at Suzzy's place past 6:30pm. It got hot with all the girls there. The night was so colorful with the laughter and cheers. These girls were just amazing. It's like you can get no problem hanging out with them. They are the coolest.

The party started with the delicious food cooked by the host and food brought by the guests. It was good. We just begun it with a talk and later Pacquiao's fight with Dela Hoya. The scream and cheers just exploded. I believed our voices can be heard a block away. I wondered what could the neighbors think about us.

We followed by an exchange gifts. Majority all of us participated. Everyone was happy with the gift. I was happy with what I got. It's a little fountain decor and fleece blanket. It perfectly fit me. I love fountain and blanket for the cold. I hate being cold. Anyway, it was a good thing to start an early Christmas spirit.

Last but not the least, the celebrant that was so blooming. An expected mother for the second time opened her gifts with delight. I had captured every moment of her time. I love taking pictures and I like taking it with people that I know and comfortable with. People are just so addicted with camera.

It was a great time to be with friends. I can't wait til another party which I will be hosting. 2 weeks from now hoping it will be a blast.


irel said...

how fun:) hey, how u been? as for me doing fine. dropping by for annual check links:) tc and happy holiday.


hi dai thanks im doing ok. thanks for dropping by

Bill said...

Hi my friend i have something for you on my site. Please come and see it.