April 11, 2009

Good Friday

I had a bad start checking DMV on the vehicle registration. Prior to the inquiry, hubby told me that he noticed my sticker already expired. I thought it's not expired. So all of this time, I was driving an expired sticker. Good thing cops didn't see it. Or else, it could be a ticket. Somehow, I went to DMV and paid the penalty for 60%. It's over 30 days. It's hard to think money just go to waste. If you want to think about it, you will feel bad. So, I just rather let it pass and it will be a lesson hard for me to keep.

In the afternoon, I went to St. Justin's Church. I stayed there for an hour. The church is full of people but not as crowded like in the PI. I almost felt like crying because I remembered the time I spent with my family gathered for Good Friday in the church and walked for the procession. Spending it here is very different.

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