May 1, 2009

Disappointing Day

Processing immigration papers was a hassle. I was freed by it for almost 3 years. Now it's not about immigration but it's about passport renewal which needs a priority. If I had known I could take another vacation again this year, I could have did it last year. It's a mistake I have a deep regret knowing time is very essential at this period of time.

I really don't have a problem in the PI before. When I had my first renewal I just used a travel agency. I remembered how easy it was. Small fees and it took like 3 days from start to finish.... I was in panic at this point since I wasn't aware of the change to the passport. They introduced the MRP to those who apply a new passport and renewal. Machine readable passport as they called it is good for the country but the procedure was just a bit of a hassle. An applicant must need to to go to the consulate in person. A requirement they stated in the process.

I tried to set dates to go to San Francisco consulate hoping to process it. I did the second attempt today, it was just a surprise that I was told they are closed for the day. I went there with hopeful thoughts but ending up in grief. The office is closed because they observed the same holiday in the PI. Darn! Strike two! I was very disappointed. I wanted it very badly to get it over with. I even asked the attendant there who told us they are closed whether a possibility of hiring an agency will be an option. He said no. Why can't people just be honest especially to their own kind. I hate the idea of thinking about it.

Last night, somebody I know told me about an agency who can process the renewal. I was not really paying attention to it not until today that I really need to secure a new passport. I had able to reach someone who already did renew using a service from a travel agency. I was told a location somewhere in San Jose and tomorrow I will try to go there and check with them. But I need to give them a call before I could lost my grip again or my brain. Cross fingers for a good result.

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ring-my-Belle said...

good luck roche! hinay jud ng sistema nato noh? :)