June 5, 2009

Not been around

Yes you are right. Not been around here for long. Really not that long but I would say a month or so. This must have been the longest days I am not updating my blog. But these days, I have to start again and hopefully build again another relationship to my readers and hopefully can attract advertisers.

To sum up the last couple of weeks, I did meet 2 old schoolmates from high school. It's almost 2 decades haven't been able to see them. That must be too long but we do still remember. Time flies so fast, you will never your future is already your present. I guess I don't make sense on this but I just assumed that you know what I mean. lol!

I attended a birthday, house warming, christening, baby shower and of course eating Filipino foods were just so great seeing my friends. Pictures can't be live without. Most of my friends are so fanatic about making pose and just be what they are. It's fun to see all different faces and reactions. As for me, loving taking pictures of portraits, I don't mind just to be the person behind the camera. Well, indeed it will give me more experience in learning the functionality of my camera and the techniques I could get from each shoot.

Of course, FB is so popular these days. It's the site where people are great crazy updating and getting to be socialize. I have fun using the site and addicted to their games like FT. Now, I am learning to know some other games but as slow as I am into learning new games I know one day I could get into it by heart.

Anytime soon, I will be posting some of the pictures I took from different people and attaching as well some of my creation using my editing skills. Til then!

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SweetPear said...

Hi Roche,

how are you! visit lang ko imo blog! I also made a blog bag-uhay lang. lingaw2x lang gud, hehe...