July 5, 2009

July 4th Celebration

My first celebration as I could remember was hubby took me to Fisherman's wharf in San Francisco. We had dinner and when we walked away from the restaurant, the firework started. I had took some shots and video too. My 2nd celebration, we had dinner just nearby where we lived in Santa Clara and witnessed the fireworks at central park. We didn't able to make it on the park due to the traffic. So I just took some video footage while we were on the parking lot. Last yr was my 3rd, it wasn't held here in the bay area. But I was at a wedding and I just saw some fireworks while we were driving home in a highway. Still, the significance of seeing fireworks matter. It doesn't matter that time. I was happy at least I saw it from a distance.

This year, I was again at Pier 39, SFO. We dined at Pier market. The weather was kind of chilly. It's like winter. It was a weird weather there. You can't really predict how it will going to be not until you can feel you are freezing already. But I survived. The crowd this year was so amazing. Doubled what I had witnessed before. I assumed maybe because there were other areas for fireworks show were canceled. I guess people drove to those areas where some shows are on and SFO were just one of them.

Synchronize fireworks is nice. It fired on Pier 39 and Aquatic Park. For me, I wasn't so thrilled anymore about it. Maybe seeing a lot of fireworks especially at theme parks and Las Vegas was just so amazing for me. These small fireworks didn't give me any thrill anymore. But still, it's better seeing than not or else it could not be a complete celebration. I could have want to bond friends this year and yet it didn't happen. I will see if things next year can happen. I will just cross fingers on that.

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