August 4, 2009

Almost getting Missed

I had a trip last month in Aruba. I have not written anything about it because while I was there I wasn't able to use my laptop. Too bad of me to bring the laptop with no power adapter. Prior to that I wasn't really thinking of bringing it so I didn't pack the accessories. I was thinking the whole time. Hubby will bring his so I will not bring mine. So I missed the very one thing that it could have been very simple to grab. But somehow, the trip with no internet connection didn't spoil the vacation.

There were few instances that we could have missed the flights going there and going back home. The lay over in Phoenix at the airport. I was running with my hubby to get to the next flight to Boston. There was a fire from the plane at British airways just close to where US air was so we were sitting idle for few minutes inside the plane while the runway was clearing so we could get to deplane to the other gate. It took awhile to get to the other gate so the pilot announced to give way to people who had a closer connecting flight. We stood up and made our way closer to the exit. Other passenger didn't care less. I could hate people for that. Somehow we were able to make it and arrived safe in Aruba on July 11th.

Going back, we were not too sure how the line inside the airport could be. It was busy in a rainy day. We could almost missed our flight. With luck, USair had an airport agent who assisted us to get to the plane. The gate was nearly closed and the pilot had to wait for us. I don't know where could the luck coming from but I really thank God we did able to make it. Yet, while we got landed in San Jose Airport. My husbands luggage was there but mine missing. I watched all our stuff while hubby negotiated to locate mine. They had found mine still in Phoenix. Maybe because when we arrived to Phoenix, there was a dust storm. We were circling above until the 3rd move the airport made the clearance to land. It was a relief but we almost missed our flight. But my luggage didn't. Still in the luck side, I retrieve my luggage the next day with no pieces of items missing.

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