August 7, 2009

What a day

I can't believe I make myself to stay to the job I feel not very satisfied. On the other hand, I feel lucky to have a job. Economy does going to get positive but yet you can still hear companies laying off. My company for instance and the branch where I am working. I thought there could be no lay off except for the drivers but then changes had been made so fast. Few weeks ago, our warehouse supervisor was laid off with no prior notice. I didn't know why and the only thing they could tell me they don't have a need for his position. The other side of that which made me very surprised. They hired a transportation coordinator a new name I guess while the drivers supervisor beforehand were transfered as the warehouse coordinator. It makes me feel not very happy on the side of the person who was laid off. Anyway, the new hired was okay. He seemed nice but not as dedicated like the person who handles the warehouse now.

With just having a new hired in the branch, a drastic changed appeared. While I was away yesterday and Wednesday afternoon, so much things were going on. My boss told me that his afraid of what might happen to our department. He said that there could be a change. I wasn't really sure what he meant by that until today I asked my co-worker. She said that our director was fired and our boss might be repositioned. It's not confirmed but that's just what she heard. I saw our VP and the director of the other branch. Something new that might what my boss told me yesterday. It didn't surprise me and I just kept on doing what I am doing. Our director called and asked for the other director. I didn't know what their conversation was because they quietly do their own thing. I know there could be some transition on their conversation but I just seemed to be working on my own while my co-worker do her own as well. We both just kept on observing the atmosphere. Until before I went to lunch, the director told me that she no longer be our director instead she will be doing the marketing for our department. Most of the time she will be working at home and just visit the office once in a while. Next week as what she said she will still be working to do the work for the fiscal period until then we might not see her often. Our boss will still be our supervisor.

Not much have been said there. I have not talked to my boss. I am quite busy with my report for our recycling program. There will be another responsibility that I will be doing in the next days ahead. I could be on the training to make reports for next years annual reporting. Another task, no raise. But still better to keep on the loop.


ladies designer shoes said...

Staying on a job that you no longer love nor feel satisfied will eventually take its toll on you. I understand that the economy is really in shambles and having a job in this time is really a blessing. But try to reconsider your options. Who knows, that might just the signal for a new environment, a new career, probably even a better career. Think about it.

Drey said...

I've been through that kind of situation too. And i must say, it's not easy. And that is actually what brought me to my new world. freelancing. I now work at home and enjoying the freedom of being in control.


@ladiesdesignershoes - indeed now its getting bad on me. I should have followed my instinct prior that the job I have, could no longer do any good for me. I have regrets that I stayed longer.

@drey - it is time for me now to find something that could find me a new good environment. it was a very unhealthy working atmosphere and staying can't make me any good. I'm looking at some options right now on what I could do more and earned more.

thank you for the comments, i appreciate it.