September 11, 2009

Reno '09

I have not been very diligent here updating where I was going and what did I do for the past several months. I will try to post now and then what I did not write. I will start of from my recent trip just a few days ago.

Labor day holiday weekend is the time where me and hubby will go somewhere. Beginning of last week, there was no plan set and I was thinking maybe we will just be staying home. Taking more quality time with each other. Friday night, hubby was thinking to go somewhere right there and then. But it's quite too late to be on the road. We were searching something until he decided Reno could be a good place to drive.

Saturday morning, I searched online with the hotels in Reno. I talked to my friend Ji.ann and helped me decide what hotel. So I booked one for Sunday and I packed my things together with hubby. We left the house at 2:30pm. Not too early for the trip but it was definitely okay.

We arrived in Reno almost 7pm. We have no hotel to stay so we were searching until we found one in Vagabound Inn. It was kind of pricey with just an Inn. Because it was a saturday, hotels, motels and inn, would jack up their prices. With no much choice we stayed. It was definitely a good relaxing place because we slept good there.

On the 2nd night, we stayed at Silver Legacy. It was much more cheaper than the first night and the hotel was nice. We walked around the casino, dined and played the slots machine. I could have won if I wasn't too greedy but losing 10 dollars wasn't too bad. I had a good time playing with the machine.

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Hazelicious929 said...

nice kaayo mo dai ni Joey, laag laag lang jud aron maka-relax. Kami ni Winn kay dili pwede summer. Pero bawi pud mi sa winter time hehehe

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hopefully makaanhi pud mi sa NV and CA