December 13, 2009

First try in CLS

For those who doesn't know about me, well photography is my hobby. You can see most of my posts here that I always put some pictures of me and my friends. I am more with portraits which really is a challenge. The whole photography itself is a challenge. Sometimes I would like to enroll myself and get some little basic info in the course. I don't have to really make it serious but if that could give me additional at some point maybe I will take it a shot.

So, just based on viewing at tube and other CLS write-ups and bloggers out there. Below is my very first CLS shot. When I bought the flash 2 weeks before thanksgiving, I was kind of excited. I didn't play with it right away because I need to buy a rechargeable battery and the battery itself too. I already read some pointers online and tried it at a friends house. That first try, I failed. It didn't work. I wasn't able to synchronize the flash and the camera. It took me 2 days to have it running but it was my hubby at first who helped me configure the flash. I was so relieved when it worked. I thought there was some faulty on the flash but it wasn't. I tried it at home just to feel the difference with the flash and diffuser on and just the built in flash itself. Some huge difference on the lighting. It could enhance one object more vividly.

Yesterday, at my friends house. I tried using the CLS function. It worked well. Though I saw that the object I took created a huge amount of shadow at the back. It was because there wasn't so much light in the room and I pointed the flash at 45 degree angle centering the objects view. I tried on the side too and some lamp at the back but it still created some shadow. I feel like buying another flash, tripod and probably umbrella one day.

So here it goes:


Hazelicious929 said...

nice na kaayo mga kuha nimo girl. eye-love it! Next time ako na ang model ha

MetallExportProm said...

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