December 26, 2009

Birthday celebration

I am so happy on the event of my birthday. We celebrated it on the night of the 23rd. Most of the people I had expected came to joined us. The party was a blast.

The weekend before the party, me and hubby set up the tent we purchased at the back of our house. We were kind of busy setting it up and trying to plan for decorating it. Until the day of the party, we pulled it together to make it work even to the last minute. But it turned out so well. We were too exhausted doing it but the hard work paid off because it was a great party. Too see the people I invited really enjoyed the food, accommodation and company of the rest of the crowd was enough to pay the effort we exerted.

I really appreciate all the people who came to the party especially that they did bring some food, gifts and great company. I can't really ask for more. I am so blessed to be around with lots of good people. I wanna thank God for the blessings this year. I hope for another good year next year.

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Belle said...

Belated happy birthday! God bless you always. Thanks for the hop!