January 21, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Two weeks from now, I will leave the country to visit Cebu again. I miss my family so much. I miss my 2 little naughty nephews. Their mothers are pregnant too. It will be the second baby to them. Quite a pity for me, but hey it’s not yet my time I guess. If it comes, it will come. It just depends on what time of the year or what God’s plan is. If it happens that will be a blessing. It’s up to his hands.

I am a little bit sad about the condition on my dad. His too sickly these days. I am scared in a way on what’s going to happen to him in the next coming days and months. His getting weaker and he seemed not too determined to get well. He is not taking his conditions seriously and for me that is so critical. I love my dad and I am just worried with his health. I hope his going to get better and have the determination to get well. He needs the love he most need and I’m hoping the family can really take care of him. With me being there, I am sure he will be happy.

I am planning to take my parents for a get away in a beach just to take them with me and enjoy some time. When I spoke to dad, his not geared towards the idea. Maybe because of his health and his not too sure if he can stand the walking and stress with the travel. That’s a bummer. It’s my dream to take them to see a place they never been. I will call them again and check. If dad is better, then probably it could make my dream come true.

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