January 30, 2010

Getting Ready

My day at work this week was so freaking busy. It wasn’t stressful but the loads that I am having. I finally got to breathe yesterday which was Friday the last day of the week. It was a relief to inform my manager all the things that needs to be done while I am gone. But we will be having a final meeting on Tuesday to clear all lines of responsibility and pass it on.

I started packing Thursday. I wanted to make sure I have my brothers thingy which was the expensive thing to carry. My friend in Texas had something for her family too so I put it all together with my brother stuff so it will not be left out when things can get crazy on Tuesday night. I have not finished the packing yet since I am confused what to do with the rest of the candies I bought for the relatives and friends in Cebu. Definitely one luggage can’t fit it all. It’s all boxes of candies. There’s no way it could fit to a medium luggage. Hopefully, I can take one more so I can take everything that’s important.

My flights are booked through Cathay Pacific and a trip to Boracay through PAL. I am hoping to get my parents with me but I can’t see flight on PAL with discounted rates. It is so expensive to purchase the tickets right now. I saw some flights going to Kalibo. I don’t want them to take that route for just the two of them while I will be with hubby to Caticlan. I am not sure if they can make it to their flight safe. They’re 2 old people they could get lost easily. People in the PI when you are at the port there will be a hassling moment. I don’t want them to get stressed especially my dad.

I hope for a fun filled trip in the coming days ahead…til then!

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Hazelicious929 said...

so excited for your vacation girl! Have fun and happy trip!