February 4, 2010

2nd Day in Cebu

We arrived in Cebu at 11:30am. My heart palpitated thinking that my family might forget the time of my arrival. I did saw them after 12pm. Aldin and Lawrence was outside and saw them then they got the car. When they arrived, my mom, sis in law and baby renzyl was inside. So happy to see them. We had lunch at Parkmall near SM in reclamation. Had pork bbq and the rest were eating chicken. It was nice.

Later, head straight home in Talisay. Gave some of my pasalubong then went to Lawrence house in San Isidro. We stayed there for several hours. Hubby was working so I just stayed while playing with my nephew and chatted with Lesyl. Sometime, my cousin Yasmin and her hubby Ronald came to the house. It was so nice to be able to see relatives that instant. We talked and got some positive new from them for an upcoming event on the 13th. Good to dress up :)

We got back to the main house after 6pm. Saw my brother Jerry and his family. So glad that all of us five were there to enjoy the moment. It was a great evening.

Today, I went to breakfast in Jollibee with hubby, Mom and Jecho. So good to have the corned beef. Nothing beats it. So yummy. I mean it's the corned beef I want regardless what company it is made as long as it cooked here in PI. In the US, it's very disappointing. Just for 2 days, the rice intake was so high. For sure, this 3 weeks will make me gain more. We got to the house and woke up Aldin. We then went to Sm, do some grocery shopping then head home.

At this time, I am in Gaisano Tabunok had a very good massage in Body in Soul with hubby. It's the place we always go everytime we are here in town. So far, my days are doing good. Til more news with the upcoming event.


Hazelicious929 said...

hello dai! It seems that you are enjoying your vacation in Cebu... Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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jenn_US said...

oh i miss jollibee in gaisano tabunoc. glad to know ur there in cebu right now sis. been there last christmas. :) enjoy ur vacation.

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