March 22, 2010


Relocating to the US has never been a problem, weather wise. I got here when it was warm and eventually got into the fall and winter season. Winter was unlikely for the not experienced and not traveled person like me, it took awhile to adjust. I’ve heard about spring and allergies. I felt fine and never got any problems at all. The change of season never caused me any predicament.

With aging, I think I got some allergies problem for spring. Now I get it and experienced it. Not as bad you may think it is. It’s just those ordinary sneezing and headaches and little sore throat. But it’s just the trouble of sneezing. That’s what I felt. I just hate it.

Friday afternoon I thought I could visit my friend in Los Gatos. The mere fact that it was the start of the day I sneezed every few minutes that passed by. It was not tolerable. I skipped to see my friend and just stayed home. I supposed to get all my laundry clean and folded. I ended up just getting 2 loads in the laundry. One load had folded and put into place but the remaining did not. I just retired. I was weakened by the constant sneezing.

Today is my fourth day. I am still weak, plugged nose, tired eyes and has little body aches. I am able to manage to go to work. Staying home just won’t do me any good. It’s better to stay out and got to push myself to fight the illness. Hope to get better soon.


Anonymous said...

I can relate. I had allergies too when i was in Japan. Having a tropical weather here in the Philippines, we are not used to so much cold weather.


@matty: its nice of you to drop by and say good things on my site.

@Mishieru: I am already living here in the US for almost 5yrs now and this allergies just happening this year. It wasn't that bad though but just bothersome. Now im fine and at times there are sneezes but not too bad now. I'm glad it's over. Thanks for the visit.