March 29, 2010


I had nightmares again last night. It was my first nightmare for the year. As I could recall I often do have bad dreams in a year. Common dream is that I am fighting a ghosts trying to protect a person or possession like a house or something.

My dream last night, I was in our old structure house in the Philippines. Our house was already renovated 2001 and so it's been awhile. So in the dream, I was passing this hallway and I recited the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory to God to them. While I was doing that, I struggling to say the words because the black spirits and heaviness of the room was just unbearable. I had remembered I entered 3 section and the last 2 I surpassed to cleansed the space with my prayers and on my last recital, I heard my husband trying to wake me up. And there I woke up with a heavy feeling. I didn't know what was that dream all about. I hope it won't do anything bad spiritually and emotionally.

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