April 23, 2010


It was Saturday, the night of the 17th. I was with Anne and hubby arriving at the corner of Howard and 9th St. Downtown part of the city. The place is an older building where structure was remodeled. It is not really an attractive building when you look at it. But it depends on a person. For me, I am just not very much keen to an older building. I prefer modern. Anyway, we went inside and asked for our reservation. It was under the name of Patrick my friend's husband. The rest of the party didn't arrive. While waiting for them, we were instructed to go down to the disco bar at the basement. A very little tiny room for dancing but it's a good size room for a limited crowd.
My friends and I did our dancing and of course took a lot of photos while we were there. The room were filled with flashes with our Dslr camera's. Just picture out yourself, when three people taking pictures with our group. It was kind of fascinating. When our table was ready, we head up and seated to a very tight seating arrangement. There were like 4 tables that put all together but not the perfectly square so it's a little bit awkward for some who seated at the corner and end of the table. The restaurant is just very small. Business wise, they have a good concept to maximize the space.

The food was delayed within the 2 hour show. Some of us were very hungry. The food was tasty but the serving was so small. It's like 4 plates of food in each course starting from Appetizer to the main Entree. And our individual plates are the size of an appetizer. Just imagine how it looks like. I had not expected it could be that expensive with a limited serving on the food. They could just be straightforward about it. We were first timer there so it was quite odd to be surprised. It's over rated and pricey.
And, the show was not really good that it could blow your mind away. For me it was just fair. The show girls did perform their own routine. One did good in showmanship, the rest were just showing off of their enhanced beauty. I guess I have high standard on a show. I thought more of a classy and elegant.

I had fun though. My friends were great company and the night was alive with them. It could have been better if all of us got a full stomach to end the night away.

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