April 23, 2010

Administrative Day

It feels good to be recognized by the company especially celebrating Administration Day. To recall, and working at the company for 2 years. It's the very first that our supervisor remembered and treated us for lunch on that very day. In our department there's just the three of us. My supervisor and my co-worker.

It was rainging that day. Our supervisor drove us to Tomatina. It's an Italian place near Mission college. Their food is good. I wasn't too adventurous that day. I could have tasted other stuff on the menu. I was kind of hungry. I didn't badge to taste food I haven't eaten before. If I would have less hungry, I could have. Anyway, apart from the lunch I also received 2 flowers. The first one I got it on Monday from the director and Liz gave another bouquet of tulip and a small table top orchid. They showed us their appreciation. It's really nice to feel that we are. I also am glad that I am still working and not too stressed anymore.

Got this from Liz the exact day.

The director gave this to me early Monday morning.

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