April 17, 2010

15th Week for the Year

What can I say about this week? Not much. I've been working 32 hours this time. I got my Friday off. It should have not been my off but Marissa switched my day off. She will take her off on the 30th. That's not too bad and she deserves to take her time off too. And as far as I could describe that day, I got lazy.

The office this week was too dragging slow. All of us kept watching the time ticking. It is like working the time of your life because the hours just ran too slow. Monday for us is the busiest of the week but only the early morning hour was and the rest of the hours just boring. We didn't get much calls. It is the time of the year when the slow period comes.

The anticipated part of this week is today. My friends and I will be going to San Francisco to dine and watch a show in AsiaSf. Sounds like an interesting show. Hope it will be much more fun. I am expecting the night to be alive with laughter and fun. I will get back to your later for some pictures and critique.

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