April 8, 2010

Mercy is Upon Us

I've got an email from my younger brother stated that she pitied my mom because of what happened to her and dad the previous night. They were robed while they were asleep. The target was on Money and some few gadgets. I was scared to think what if things happen terribly. What could happen to them?

The stranger entered our house through my parents room. It's the only place in the house where it is not really safe for bad strangers to go inside. I haven't think about it but it is. It bothered me why did my parents were too sound asleep when they entered there in the first place. The room is very small that any any noise can be so apparent. I felt like maybe they were put into some kind of a black magic or something. I might be a little superstitious but it can be. It's quite strange for how the incident really happen.

I am praying for them to be very careful next time. I hope they won't give that trust to anyone. The economic crisis are just affecting a lot of people. These people who suffered would do crazy stuff like stealing and perhaps would kill just to get what they want even if it's not a good way for them to survive. I still do thank God for protecting my parents despite what they have lost. I am sure it will fold a hundred more because I know my parents are good people.

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