May 25, 2010

Car Repair

It was on March 2007 that my husband bought our very first medium SUV car by Chevrolet. I love our baby E, short for Equinox as I call it even up today. For the past year, there’s a few repair that was made. It’s nothing major except when somebody hit the back of the car. Lucky for us we have the insurance who shoulder the expenses spent on it. I could just imagine if we were driving a small car, it could have been a disaster. Safety is always the main concern of my spouse. Our car is bigger than the standard economy car. It gave us the advantage. Chevrolet Silverado could have been much of a better full size vehicle for the family but since we are still on the process of doing that, a medium size is a better fit for us right now.

Now with the weather and constantly changing, with much rain now I do need a brake job soon. I heard a little bit of a tweak sound driving it. Not to get really panic about it but car do wears off so it needs maintenance. I would like to have it done when I have the chance. It’s good to take care of the vehicle when there’s no major problem, less cost and less headache.

There are many repair shop around our area but we only go to the shop where it got a high mark on customer satisfaction. So far with the services we got, we are fully satisfied. In the other areas, I would recommend to look for Dallas auto repair. They have the best service. Don’t think twice, let them do it and you will get what you need.

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