May 26, 2010

The day with a Friend

I was off on a Friday at work. My friend and I planned to have a date. It has been awhile from the last time we saw each other. It was on the day at San Francisco when I last saw her and that time on we never even talked. We just kept on hugging each other and laughing each other. We missed to talk. So the day came, I was at home doing some chores and later in the afternoon got dressed up and met her at the theatre in Olin Drive in San Jose. It is located across Santana Row where the novelty and designer shops are.

Olin Ave, San Jose

I was on my ride. Tried to capture Santana Row with good results.

The movie preview started when we got in. It was kind of my friend to pay the tickets and also brought me my mocha frappuccino from Starbucks. The movie we watched entitled “Letters to Juliet”. Cheesy it may sound, but we loved the movie. It’s quite a modern set from the original movie and it’s contemporary. I love how the flow of the story went. A young tourist girl from London who fell in love with a local guy in Italy but with her family’s interest followed what her folks desired and bid goodbye leaving the love behind. She got married with a different man, had children but in time she couldn’t forget her very first love. All the years she spent, she kept on thinking about it.

We asked a group of teenagers to get this picture taken. Sorry it's quite crooked.

One day a tourist from New York came to Verona in Italy wondered the city by herself then come across the house where Juliet Capulet supposedly lived. She found the ladies young and old wrote poems and thoughts for Juliet and posted it on Juliet's wall. With her observation for a few hours she saw an Italian lady, putting away all the letters at the end of the day. Out of curiosity she followed her. She discovered and knew the revelation when she found that there are also a couple of women who turned out to be the secretaries of Juliet and made a response to each of the letters. The next day she helped to take the letters and found a crumpled letter that was behind a brick. She wrote back. The letter was from the young girl in London.

The adventures started a week after when she met the grand son of that girl - Claire who now to be over than 60 years old or more. She offered her help to find that man. Eventually the two young people had felt something towards each other during the journey. On the last day of their search, they were able to find the man whom Claire was looking for. It is amazing and moving to watch it.

I would just hold on to the story, I would want you to watch it yourself so you can have that thrill as well. For me it’s nice. This kind of movie reminds me of my love story from where and when I met my husband. I feel like getting to fall in love all over again with the same man of course. LOL!

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