May 25, 2010

I Can’t Wait to Watch Kitchen Nightmares!

Special thanks to Jessie Nash for helping out with this post

Kitchen Nightmares is one of my favorite shows to watch on Direct TV. I enjoy the fact that Chef Ramsay has attitude and knows that he is always correct in restaurant decisions. It is always nice to see a failing restaurant become a success because of the help of another.

One of my favorite episodes had a huge cockroach problem and the kitchen was utterly disgusting. Chef Ramsay was beside himself because of the bugs and so was I. Although, the show can be really gross at times I like seeing behind the scenes of a restaurant. Learning about food, how it should be prepared and what to look for in a dirty restaurant are all good tips for a food lover like me.

I love unique foods as well as healthy local fair, which tends to be the types of restaurants he helps on the show. Ramsay's show taught me to look at a restaurant from a smarter point of view. Having worked in a restaurant before I know how old the food can be and how clean or dirty kitchens are kept. I think it is smart for a restaurant to let cameras into its facility and show that it wants to improve.

The show is also great to watch with teenagers. The only thing aside from some gross moments is the cussing that the Chef and restaurant owners tend to do, but it is beeped out. My kids aren't usually interested in the show until it comes time for the new menu items and then they want to see Chef Ramsay make food. The show is different each time and even though it is a reality show, it is one of my favorite.

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