June 22, 2010

Chelokababi, Sunnyvale CA

I wasn't really familiar with Persian Cuisine not until it was served to me by a Persian friend. I was also introduced to the guy through my hubby. Him and my hubby are good friends. When I arrived here in the US, him and his wife is one among the people who have given me a warm welcome. A few times I visited to their place, we were entertained with a good laugh and good food.

I haven't seen them maybe for 2 years now but every time I think about them I treasure the memories. If not with them, my stay here would not be as comforting in terms of social affiliations. They helped me through it in some way.

Anyway, back to the food. This place in Sunnyvale is really nice. It's a very small restaurant but the inside and food is good. They have a good size servings too. A little pricey but it compliments on the taste of the food. I have no complaints about this restaurant. Though I am not very adventurous on other menu's I might be one day. So far with the usual Kobedideh I am very very satisfied. This is one among the persian restaurant I would like to go.

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