June 22, 2010

Local Search Engine

I was introduced to this Local.com at work by a previous director. I was assigned to a specific project where I need to get some information on businesses that are around the area of our route coverage. The director handed me out a printed copy of the sample names and addresses from the site and I thereon followed the instructions to do the same. It was very easy to navigate the site. I went to their main page and typed in laundry and dry cleaners to the local search box and as well as the designated city. I was told to get names and addresses so we could print out some flyers for them. It was a quick process and I got the information I need. My research was completed fast and I got good results and my boss that time was impressed on the efficiency I got from it.

From that time on, every time I have something in mind to find a name and addresses this is one of the sites I frequently visited. The local yellowpages that I used before outsmarted with the use of this site. This is just very useful for me and it’s very convenient. I don’t have to worry on flipping and smelling the dust of a book where it was commonly used in the older times.

The search engine on this site as well as the feedback of the users and consumers are really helping me to get a better idea on what places are good and bad. Most oftentimes, this site is very useful for me when I search local restaurants. I am an eater. I am adventurous on that aspect. By using the site, it just comes at hand very handy and fast. I am just very satisfied with it.

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