June 19, 2010

Cooking 2: Egg Drop Soup

As you may not know, I love soup. But not all soup that I like so it really depends on what kind it would be. As long as it's not fishy taste I will be fine. Back home at my moms, I grew up mostly having soup all the time. It's the local vege soup, pochero, and some clam.

This particular soup is mostly the kind of soup I would always look for if I would go in a Chinese restaurant. I remembered when I was a child, every wedding that I attend and most of them were held in a chinese place this soup is almost present on the lists. I always look forward to it every time my family and I are invited.

Today, I had cooked this for the very first time. And, I am happy because it ended up so good. Hubby did got to agree as well. from now on, I can always cook this whenever I want and now in my list is to buy more of this brand.

The very first brand that I bought at Savemart store. It just happened that I went to a section where I found this unexpectedly. It wasn't on my list when I did my grocery shopping but I decided to buy it and try it sometime. Which now I am happy because I got the best one.

One egg well beaten when the water is boiling. Have to stir it gradually.

Just a drop of soy sauce just for some color.

And, the finish product? this one, which is so good!

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