June 18, 2010


Talking about a pendant, I have one fine afternoon experience where I’ve met a man whom I already spoke for weeks. The chemistry blossomed and the intension grew. He visited me and surprised me with a gift of a necklace with a diamond heart shaped pendant. It was very special because I think it was my very first diamond. It was so precious to me to have it and as of today I still have it with me and my man. Almost 6 years, amazing to remember it all.

It’s always been my thing to get jewelry if I would start a new job or career in the very first few months. I haven’t been doing that to my current job now. Though I know I have already been spending to the things that I want but I haven’t got to the point of buying myself jewelry. I am thinking about getting something to represent it. My company is helping people with developmental disabilities and I prefer something that very godly and the perfect symbol would be an angel wing pendant. There is this company who offers really good quality jewelries and I would look into it. Become is a website that offers very good deals. They have really cool collections. The prices are very reasonable and in good quality. I love angels and at some point I did collect miniatures of it. Now, it just brings back old memories. Don’t think twice, pay a visit now.

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