June 14, 2010

RIP my Little Blue

It is sad to say that tonight was his last. I saw him catching so little breath when I got home. He was at the bottom on the black decorated stone grasping some little air. His clamped fins are so bad, the reddish disease that was on his body and the white pigmentation on the gills killed him. The mistake that I made was part of it. The tank must be clean every week. Somehow I wasn't really too aware and didn't take it seriously. I haven't had a fish that I myself had really take care. This experience taught me.

I wish he could still have more days of his life. His 16 months and 15 days old from the time I took him out of the store. I wonder how long really his life. Now it's just a memory of me to think about him. I could really miss him dearly.

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