June 12, 2010

Cooking Put into Test

This week I would want to cook different from the usual recipe I used every time I have the time and energy after work. I asked a few advices with co-worker on what would be a good dinner that is simple and easy to cook. Rafael told me why try Shrimp wrapped in Bacon. Sounded like a bell to me since I love shrimp. It was perfect at the same time because I had a frozen shrimp that I haven’t cooked and I have plenty of bacon in the freezer.

I got home with excitement. I seasoned the shrimp with soy sauce, lemon, a dash of grilled steak seasoning, salt and pepper and I wrapped each shrimp with smoked bacon. I finished all in 6 sticks with 6 shrimp on it. I cooked it in the iron grill. Slow cooking takes awhile but it turned out fine. When the time for tasting, it was good! Hubby did agree with me. It felt good.

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