June 8, 2010

Jony's Beach Resort

I used this hotel twice. My experience would tell you that I was a happy and contented guest. Would I bother write about this hotel if I was dissatisfied. And also, why would I use the hotel twice in the same island when there are better hotels in the area? It is because I had experienced good customer service. I was treated special. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. The place is clean and the food in the restaurant is good.

The walkway going towards the restaurant.

The rooms

This is the standard room.

I was sitting on the balcony.

The bedroom we were surprised by a gumamela flower with a welcome note.

The Shower

The Bathroom

Breakfast in the Restaurant.

Sitting in front of the restaurant while viewing the sunset.

The restaurant.

If I may be right, this is one among the oldest hotel in Boracay. I could say wow to that. For the looks of the structure and building, the maintenance is pretty good. All these years they kept it very well. I really like this hotel because it is very homey to me. It’s like a second home when I go there.

This hotel is the start of station 1. Not so crowded area. I like it more. The restaurant is elevated due to the tides. It wasn’t like that when I stayed there first in 2008. They did the renovation. I just heard from friends that due to the fire that happened in that same year, they did a lot of change. I could see the surprised while I was there this year because the old layout and restaurants nearby that I remembered is no longer the same. But I was happy with the change.

I just hope Boracay authorities would kept the island clean. That would make the island more attractive. I would like to say they need to control the building construction on the island. It will be an eye sore if they keep on building more. A change could either be done cosmetically by adding some landscape, a more sophisticated design of the building in the entire island but not creating more buildings. It’s not a city, it’s an island. They have to preserve the natural beauty of the place.

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