June 8, 2010

Learn at your own Pace with Online Classes

This was a guest post from written by my buddy Heather White

Online classes are a great easy going type of way to learn that I have experienced first hand. When looking to achieve credit for a world history course I elected to take an online version of the course using hughesnet in California rather than sitting in a dull classroom listening to a lecturer speak. I personally believe that the online class taught me just as much information as a typically classroom, if not more for my own personal strive to learn.

The online class I took using hughes netwas simple process, I registered with the college and created an account. I went through the program day by day reading through each lesson and taking a short quiz afterwards. The quizzes were not as important for the overall grade as the final test, but they did help me go over what I had previously read and helped emphasis the days lesson. At the end of the term of the online class, I was assigned to take the final test over information I had learned. The test was similar to a classroom multiple choice test with a set timelimit. I passed the course with a high letter grading and enjoyed the experience of learning from home.

Overall my experience with an online class was an enjoyable one for the ease of learning and the work at your own pace kind of style. While there was room for me to slack off and cheat my way through portions of the class, my own personal character allowed me to go through the whole lessons and use my own mind to help me pass the tests. I plan on taking another online class when I go home this summer by using my Mom’s hughesnet in TN.

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