June 6, 2010

Prince of Persia

Our Sunday date movie. Before we got to the theater, we dined in first to eat some breakfast in Carrows. My usual food is wheat toasted bread, eggs, bacon and hash browns. I just love breakfast. It is one of the best meal I don't worry so much. It's simple, healthy and always fill me up for hours.

The restaurant was busy. It's good to see that it does. We don't want the place to die of which I know other franchise location did collapse because of the low sales. Anyway, it took us like 40 minutes in there and drove after to AMC Mercado in Mission where the theater is located.

We arrived at the Kiosk to purchased our tickets. We just don't like getting in line and pay the tickets. The Kiosk is a much of a preference choice of ours. We always used this for the reason of convenience and no hassle. It saves you time and you could always catch the movie on time. I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it because of the time constraints. We arrived 5 minutes after the show time. The tickets were still open luckily and so we got to seat relaxed and seen the preview before the movie starts.

What can I say about the movie? Well, loved it. It portrays an orphan. The ordinary boy got the privilege to become one of the Prince because the King of Persia see's bravery and courage towards him. He adopted and give him family and everything his privilege of. It's not more likely to happen in real life though.

The movie tells more in making your own destiny. He choose to save the woman he loves, his brothers and the world. There are many things to discuss of the film but I don't want to get to tell the story behind it. I want to put the thrill to others who hasn't seen the movie. All I can say, I love the story flows, the characters, the segments, the digital effects, sounds and just everything about it. Watch it yourself!

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