June 5, 2010

Lens for the Camera

I had bought the lens because of the many good reviews that I've read from websites like Kenwell, B&H, Adorama and Ritzcamera. I spent my time doing all my research online to check what lens are better for my Nikon D80. I had my camera since November of 2008, including the kit Nikkor 18-55mm. Then my hubby bought me a new lens for my birthday the Nikkor VR 50-20mm. I am very happy of these two but sometimes it's just hard to capture the best photos. The most lens I bring along with me is the Nikkor 18-55mm because of the weight and the wide angle shots. I don't travel so much now so the long range are hardly in use. But I treasure that long range since it was a gift from hubby.

Since I only got the 2 lens I am making the most of it. I had observed that majority of my photos are somewhat has a problem with indoor photos. It is the disadvantage of the camera. It is not good with low light. To correct the exposure, I use raw files. I adjust the lighting through Photoshop. It's a bit tedious job but I've learned through it. I was no good with Photoshop as well and with the challenges I came across, it gained me knowledge. Though I still need a lot to learn. I might say I am just a quarter knowledgeable. That's a long way to go. I am just very perfectionist on my photos which somehow right now I am not very satisfied with the outcome of my shots. Maybe someday I can learn it all. This is better in this way. So photography can be a challenge and at the same time more fun when good results could happen.
(f8, 1/15 sec., iso 200)
Shot using Nikkor 18-55mm

So much with my thoughts on that. I recently bought a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 and a filter at Wolf Camera in Saratoga. It is one of the prime lens. I had read that for a better photographer or hobbyist, you need to get all of it if you can. But getting one of those is already good....I had a little trouble getting to find it in the nearby store where I used to hang out just to read and browse. The last time I went there, it was closed. I got lucky that I find another location which is in Saratoga. A little further distance from where I lived but it's better than not getting it.

The result of the lens is quite good actually. I never got the chance to really used it yet to it's full capacity since I have no chance to be in a place where I can really take advantage of it's feature. Because of its range, objects are very near. The 50mm is more like 75mm. That's too close. I had to be too distant to the subject to get the focus. But as far as I know, the take on low lights are good and fast. I am happy with that.

Below are the sample shots with a touch of Photoshop:

(f/2.8, 1/15 sec., iso 100)
My little Blue blue. It took me a lot of several shots to get this. His swimming all over the place but he knew that I was intently looking when he could show me his best angle.

(f/2.8, exp 1/320, iso 100)
This flower are beside the edge of our cute little duplex. This was my best chance to get a good close up shot.

(f/2.8, exp 1/320 sec., iso 100)

(f/2.8, exp 1/400 sec., iso 100)

(f/2.8, exp 1/800 sec., iso 100)
I redo the lighting and color of the above close up. I practiced another tool in Photoshop.

(f/2.8, 1/125sec, iso 100)
The tree infront of our place. Nice to see some greenery! It's cold to the eyes.

Now next to my wish list is the Tokina 12-24mm Pro Dx. I hope and wish to get it really soon. I am very excited. If it happens, more shooting and test to do. Cross fingers!

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