June 2, 2010

Club Pearl, San Jose CA

The place is located South of First Street in Downtown San Jose. I arrived there past 10pm with friends and their hubby. It is a big place for a club. The ceilings are high. The decors are pretty neat. The area for the seats partition is separated by a metal steel frame where it is wrapped with white linen hanging loosely. Dramatically puts the impression the era of the medieval period but with a touch of modern sophistication. It also has Lcd Tv that hang on the wall for those people who preferred just to relax and watch Mtv while drinking and sipping some wines or drinks for the night. The purple wide seats are comfortable enough a party can enjoy. Lucky enough for us we got these VIP seat. My friend Kim got it for us for free. Isn’t that nice?
The time there that I spent with friends was so cool. It was my first night and the Dj’s repertoire satisfied the mood I have for the night. There was a showdown with 3 sexy ladies dancing on the poll. It made the night alive. I was happy to had joined my friends and able to see the place. I had such marvelous time with them.

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